This application makes a webrtc video call with jitsi meet signaling. Other end can be any jitsi meet app or web app. It doesn't support a room with more than 2 people.

How to build

How to run

  • Check result of this command first: media-ctl -d /dev/media1 -p If it doesn't output the camera dev topology, then you need to find the correct media dev, and replace it in
  • Run this command: nick_name room_name This will create a new room or join a room.
  • Sometimes it doesn't work, maybe the signaling failed. If you don't see any change after 10 secs then you need to kill it and try again.

How it work

  • will connect to jitsi meet server through websocket and exchange xmpp, convert xmpp to sdp, and send/receive sdp to/from webrtc-sendrecv program.
  • webrtc-sendrecv use gstreamer webrtcbin. You can modify the pipeline string in code to stream audio/video.


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