Mannaggia-py ?

~ mannaggia is a python application to praise or more likely to curse the saints. ~


Developed by @veeso

Current version: 0.1.2 (25/01/2022)

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Remember Mannaggia? This is a Python remake of it, with new features.

mannaggia is a python application to praise or more likely to curse the saints.

When mannaggia is started, it will start naming all the known saints (and more!), preeceding their name with a curse (such as mannaggia a xxxxx) or with a praise (such as lode a xxxxx).

This tool is extremely suggested to be used during an intense debugging session or when implementing those kinds of tasks that makes you want to resign from your job.

Features ?

Get started ?

  1. Install mannaggia with pip

    pip3 install mannaggia
  2. Run mannaggia

    mannaggia --help

    or in case it’s still not available in your path

    python3 -m mannaggia

In case you’re missing some dependencies after installation, run:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Mozilla tts ?

To get started with mozilla tts, you need to install mozilla tts on your machine with pip3 install tts.

In order to use mozilla TTS as text to speech engine for mannaggia, you need to provide the following options when running mannaggia:

mannaggia --model_name $MODEL_NAME -t mozilla

where model name is something like tts_models/de/thorsten/tacotron2-DCA in addition to this you need also to provide the --config_file argument, which must be the file containing the models list.

The default configuration file, can be found at or in this repository at config/models.json.


mannaggia --model_name tts_models/fr/mai/tacotron2-DDC --config_file config/models.json -t mozilla --prefix "Va te faire enculer"

File as a dictionary

You can opt to use a text file as a dictionary. To do so, it’ll be enough to write line by line the name of the “characters” to invoke in mannaggia.


mannaggia -d file -D ./config/dictionary.txt

License ?

Licensed under the DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE, you can find HERE the entire license


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