MeFaMo – MediapipeFaceMocap

MeFaMo calculates the facial keypoints and blend shapes of a user. Instead of using the built in IPhone blend shape calculation (like LiveLinkFace App does), this uses the Googles Mediapipe to calculate the facial key points of a face. Those key points will then be used to calculate several facial blend shapes (like eyebrows, blinking, smiling etc.). You only need a PC with a webcam and no external device to use it. It uses my PyLiveLinkFace library to send the blend shapes directly into the currently opened Unreal LiveLink Project (the Unreal Engine can also run on a separate PC).

alt text

It’s not fully finished yet and missing a calibration feature to recalibrate all the values to several other faces, but it’s a good start on how to calculate the blend shapes and create your own facial motion capture with Unreal.

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To setup the LiveLink plugin and system in Unreal, see the following tutorial:


MeFaMo needs the following python libraries:

  • numpy
  • cv2
  • pylivelinkface
  • mediapipe
  • transforms3d
  • open3d


To install it, clone the git repo and install it with the file:

python install


To use MeFaMo, just execute the file in the examples folder:


There’s also an experemental GUI (which doesn’t look different to the default executable, but uses kivy for future work).


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