Network Pruning that Matters: A Case Study on Retraining Variants

This repository contains the implementation of the paper Network Pruning that Matters: A Case Study on Retraining Variants.

Duong H. Le, Binh-Son Hua (ICLR 2021)

In this work, we study the behavior of pruned networks under different retraining settings. By leveraging the right learning rate schedule in retraining, we demonstrate a counter-intuitive phenomenon in that randomly pruned networks could even achieve better performance than methodically pruned networks (fine-tuned with the conventional approach) in many scenariors. Our results emphasize the cruciality of the learning rate schedule in pruned network retraining – a detail often overlooked by practioners during the implementation of network pruning.

If you find the paper/code helpful, please cite our paper:

title={Network Pruning That Matters:  A Case Study on Retraining Variants},
author={Duong Hoang Le and Binh-Son Hua},
booktitle={International Conference on Learning Representations},

How to Run

To run the code:

  1. Copy the Imagenet/CIFAR-10 dataset to ./data folder
  2. Run
  3. Download checkpoints here then uncompress it here
  4. Run the desired script in each subfolder.


Our implementation is based on the official code of HRank, Taylor Pruning, , Rethinking.