CTF Writeups

This repository includes occasional write-ups from Capture the Flag competitions.

Category Technique Example Problem
Pwn House of Force hall_of_fame
Pwn SROP one-and-done, void
Pwn Leak Canary -> Buffer Overflow gambler_supreme
Pwn Leak Libc -> BoF -> One Gadget securehoroscope
Pwn Format string -> GOT Ovewrite ubume, oilspill
Pwn Out-of-bound array index oob, oob2
Pwn Format string arbitrary read format_string_read, printfail
Pwn Format string arbitrary write format-write
Pwn Return to Libc ret2libc, not-a-baby
Pwn Return to System ret2libc, horoscope, classiact
Pwn Return to Syscall Pwn-Loop
Pwn Return to Win ret2win, trivial
Pwn Buffer Overflow gambler_overflow, lucky
Pwn Construct shellcode bypassing seccomp wiznu, stackless
RE Basic Reverse w/ Angr babyreee
RE Symbolically executing code w/ Angr basic_rev, dragonplt


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