WIP Opensource desktop application for Kenobi.

CodeQL pylint

Download the apple watch app to get started.

Apple watch image with kenobi app running

What is this repo?

It’s repo for the opensource version of kenobi desktop app which works on windows, linux along side macOS.

Why is the desktop app opensource?

To help others who are struggling with writing code that commnunicates with between desktop <=> iOS Devices

It is not limited to iOS devices (can be expanded to PWA, android apps and even desktop apps)

How does this work?

Websockets! Desktop Application acts as a websocket server which is then connected to via client.

The client then sends commands to the server and the server acts upon it.


  • Media Playback

    • Increase / Decrease volume
    • Pause / Play media
    • Forward / Rewind media
    • Toggle Mute
    • Exit full screen
  • Keyboard control

    • Up arrow
    • Down arrow
    • Right arrow
    • Left arrow
    • Space
    • Return (Enter) key
    • TAB
  • Trackpad Support

    • Move the cursor on the desktop by simply interacting with watch Screen.
  • Ping Desktop

    • Play a ping noise
    • Say “Hello There! General Kenobi!”
    • Rickroll:
  • Power options

    • Log out
    • Sleep
    • Restart
    • Power off
  • Launch apps

    • MACOS
      • FaceTime, Messages, Mail, Music, Notes, Safari, System Pref, Apple TV, Youtube
    • Windows / Linux
      • TBD

The opensource desktop app is CLI based for now keeping it’s resource usage as minimum as possible.

Future of Kenobi

Kenobi iOS and iPadOS app will be launched in upcoming months

Kenobi watchOS app will be opensourced along side their iOS counter parts in the upcoming months.

Expect more opensource and transparency!!!


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