Virtual assistant in python

Windows MaintenancePyPi license

Powerful virtual assistant in python

Set up

Step 1:

download repo and unzip

Step 2:

pip install requirements.txt

(if py audio doesn’t work check here:

Step 3:




  1. Play song

Automaticly plays any song you say on youtube

Command: play + song

  1. Time

Displays current time

Command: any phrase with time in it

  1. Wiki search

Will show wikipedia info about any person

Command: who the heck is + person

  1. Joke

Will tell you a joke

Command: any phrase with the word joke in it

  1. Open

Launches any application

Command: open and then application (must edit lines 66-73)

  1. Downoad

Will wget any url

Command: download and then paste url

  1. Name

Will say his name and some more

Command: any phrase with name in it

  1. Email

Will launch outlook

Command : any phrase with email in it

  1. Google

Will run a google search on anything you say

Command: google + query

  1. Sleep

Will go to sleep

Command: any phrase with sleep in it

  1. Exit

Will exit the application

Command: any phrase with exit in it

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