A video player for the Apex Legends mod R5Reloaded.

Here’s a video of it playing Bad Apple: https://youtu.be/q6AvpuOgAvw

Huge credit to treyzania for his rottenplayer for Minecraft.

My code is pretty bad at the moment, but I’ll fix it up and make it easier to use in the future.


  1. Break up the video in to frames with something like ffmpeg, and place them in a folder called img/
  2. Run rotten.py

    to process the images and turn them in to frames (the player only supports 32×18 video)

  3. Run freshparser.py

    to process it for Apex

  4. Get and install the scripts from here for R5R
  5. Copy the contents of the final output file in to vscripts/mp/levels/animation.nut
  6. Launch Kings Canyon, find and press the button, then enjoy!


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