SAN Exporter

Prometheus exporter for Storage Area Network (SAN).

We all know that each SAN Storage vendor has their own glossary of terms, health/performance metrics and monitoring tool.

But from operator view,

  • We normally focus on some main metrics which are similar on different storage platform.
  • We are not only monitoring SAN storage but also other devices and services at multi-layer (application, virtual Machine, hypervisor, operating system and physical).

That's why we build this to have an unified monitoring/alerting solution with Prometheus and Alermanager.

Architecture overview

SAN exporter architecture


There are some main features you might want to know, for others, please see [example configuration]

  • Enable/disable optinal metrics for each backend
  • Enable/disable backend
  • Backend will automatically stop collecting data from SAN system after timeout seconds from last request of client. With this feature, we can deploy two instances as Active/Passive mode for high availability.

Note: Backend may not respond metrics in the first interval while collecting, calculating and caching metrics.

Quick start

  • Start a dummy driver with Docker
$ git clone [email protected]:vCloud-DFTBA/san_exporter.git
$ cd san_exporter/
$ cp examples/dummy_config.yml config.yml
# docker run --rm -p 8888:8888 -v $(pwd)/config.yml:/san-exporter/config.yml --name san-exporter daikk115/san-exporter:0.1.0

See the result at http://localhost:8888/dummy_backend

  • Start a dummy driver manually
$ git clone [email protected]:vCloud-DFTBA/san_exporter.git
$ cd san_exporter/
$ cp examples/dummy_config.yml config.yml
$ sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev python3.7-dev
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ python3.7

See the result at http://localhost:8888/dummy_backend


Create configuration file

# mkdir /root/san-exporter
# cp /path/to/san_exporter/examples/config.yml.sample /root/san-exporter/config.yml

Update /root/san-exporter/config.yml for corresponding to SAN storage

Run new container

# docker volume create san-exporter
# docker run -d -p 8888:8888 -v san-exporter:/var/log/ -v /root/san-exporter/config.yml:/san-exporter/config.yml --name san-exporter daikk115/san-exporter:latest

Supported Drivers

  • Matrix of driver's generic metrics
Capacity all Capacity pool IOPS/Throuhgput pool Latency pool IOPS/Throughput node Latency node CPU node RAM node IOPS/Throughput LUN Latency LUN IOPS/Throughput disk Latency disk IOPS/Throughput port Latency port Alert
DellUnity X X X X X X X X X X
HitachiG700 X X X
NetApp X X X X X X
SC8000 X X X X X X X X X X X
V7k X X X X X X
  • Connection port requirements
    • For some SAN system, we collect metrics over SP API but some others, we collect metrics dirrectly from controller API.
    • In some special cases, we collect alerts over SSH.
SAN System Service Processor Connection Port
Dell Unity NO 443
Hitachi G700 YES 23451
NetApp ONTAP NO 443
SC8000 NO 3033


All metrics are prefixed with "san_" and has at least 2 labels: backend_name and san_ip

Info metrics:

Metrics name Type Help
san_storage_info gauge Basic information: serial, version, ...

Controller metrics:

Metrics name Type Help
san_totalNodes gauge Total nodes
san_masterNodes gauge Master nodes
san_onlineNodes gauge Online nodes
san_compress_support gauge Compress support, 1 = Yes, 0 = No
san_thin_provision_support gauge Thin provision support, 1 = Yes, 0 = No
san_system_reporter_support gauge System reporter support, 1 = Yes, 0 = No
san_qos_support gauge QoS support, 1 = Yes, 0 = No
san_totalCapacityMiB gauge Total system capacity in MiB
san_allocatedCapacityMiB gauge Total allocated capacity in MiB
san_freeCapacityMiB gauge Total free capacity in MiB
san_cpu_system_utilization gauge The average percentage of time that the processors on nodes are busy doing system I/O tasks
san_cpu_compression_utilization gauge The approximate percentage of time that the processor core was busy with data compression tasks
san_cpu_total gauge The cpus spent in each mode

Pool metrics:

Metrics name Type Help
san_pool_totalLUNs gauge Total LUNs (or Volumes)
san_pool_total_capacity_mib gauge Total capacity of pool in MiB
san_pool_free_capacity_mib gauge Free of pool in MiB
san_pool_provisioned_capacity_mib gauge Provisioned of pool in MiB
san_pool_number_read_io gauge Read I/O Rate - ops/s
san_pool_number_write_io gauge Write I/O Rate - ops/s
san_pool_read_cache_hit gauge Read Cache Hits - %
san_pool_write_cache_hit gauge Write Cache Hits - %
san_pool_read_kb gauge gauge Read Data Rate - KiB/s
san_pool_write_kb gauge Write Data Rate - KiB/s
san_pool_read_service_time_ms gauge Read Response Time - ms/op
san_pool_write_service_time_ms gauge Write Response Time - ms/op
san_pool_read_IOSize_kb gauge Read Transfer Size - KiB/op
san_pool_write_IOSize_kb gauge Write Transfer Size - KiB/op
san_pool_queue_length gauge Queue length of pool

Port metrics:

Metrics name Type Help
san_port_number_read_io gauge Port Read I/O Rate - ops/s
san_port_number_write_io gauge Port Write I/O Rate - ops/s
san_port_write_kb gauge Port Write Data Rate - KiB/s
san_port_read_kb gauge Port Read Data Rate - KiB/s
san_port_write_IOSize_kb gauge Port Write Transfer Size - KiB/op
san_port_read_IOSize_kb gauge Port Read Transfer Size - KiB/op
san_port_queue_length gauge Queue length of port

For more information about specific metrics of SANs, see Specific SAN Metrics

Integrate with Prometheus, Alertmanager and Grafana

Some grafana images:

![SAN exporter dashboard overview]

![SAN exporter dashboard pool]

![SAN exporter dashboard port]