Affinda API - Python Client Library

This is a python client for the Affinda document parsing API which wraps all available endpointsand handles authentication and signing.  You may also want to refer to the full
API documentation for additional information.


pip install affinda


If you don't have an API token, obtain one from

from affinda import AffindaAPI, TokenCredential

credential = TokenCredential(token="YOUR_API_TOKEN")
client = AffindaAPI(credential=credential)

with open("PATH_TO_FILE", "rb") as f:
    resume = client.create_resume(file=f)


Samples for all operations using the client can be found here.

GitHub - affinda/affinda-python: Python client library for the Affinda API
Python client library for the Affinda API. Contribute to affinda/affinda-python development by creating an account on GitHub.