MetaStalk is a tool that can be used to generate graphs from the metadata of JPEG, TIFF, and HEIC images, which are tested. More formats are supported but untested. It currently creates graphs for:

  • GPS coordinates (map)
  • Focal Length, Camera model, Camera manufacturer, Producer information (Pie Chart)
  • Timestamp information (Chart)

Examples photos from ianare/exif-samples, exiftool, drewmpales/metadata-extractor-images.

All development is done on GitLab and mirrored to GitHub. Please read for development.

Metastalk is supported and tested on the following Python versions:

  • 3.6
  • 3.7
  • 3.8
  • 3.9

How to use

MetaStalk is available as a package on or you can do a source install.

usage: MetaStalk [-h] [-a] [-d] [-e {pdf,svg,webp,jpeg,png,html,html_offline}]
                 [--export-only] [--no-open] [-o OUTPUT] [-t] [-v]
                 [files [files ...]]

Tool to graph image metadata.

positional arguments:
  files                 Path of photos to check.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a, --alphabetic      Sorts charts in alphabetical order rather than the
                        default order
  -d, --debug           Sets logging level to DEBUG.
  -e {pdf,svg,webp,jpeg,png,html,html_offline}, --export {pdf,svg,webp,jpeg,png,html,html_offline}
                        Exports the graphs rather than all on one web page
  --export-only         Makes it so that MetaStalk only export
  --no-open             Will only start the server and not open the browser to
                        view it
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        The name of the directory to output exports to. Will
                        be created if it does not exist. Defaults to
  -t, --test            Does not show the graphs at the end.
  -v, --verbose         Sets logging level to INFO


MetaStalk has extra installs available for an increased feature set.

  • metastalk[image] Allows for exporting charts to images in png, jpeg, webp, svg and pdf formats.

PyPi Install (Recommended)

pip install metastalk
metastalk <Path to files>
#i.e. metastalk ./ExamplePhotos/

Source Install

git clone
cd metastalk install
metastalk <Path to files>
#i.e. metastalk ./ExamplePhotos/


There are docker images available to run Metastalk. The image only process and opens the webpage. It does not offer the option to export the results.

Images are available from both DockerHub and GitLab.

  • cyb3rjak3/metastalk:latest

To run: docker run -it -v $(pwd)/ExamplePhotos:/photo:ro cyb3rjak3/metastalk

Wait until the photos have been process then open your browser to localhost:8052


This is for educational/proof of concept purposes only. What you do with MetaStalk is your responsibility.