Queen Zellei


Queen Zellie is a chat bot for Telegram. Make it easy and fun to use Telegram.
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How to Install Queen Zellie


Queen Zellie bot is an User Bot for Telegram . That allowing you to get done so many tasks.
The user is responsible for all possible consequences of misuse.
This is not a Open-Source project. This is just a project that allow you to get deploy a bot.
Additionally, it enables plug-in support for users.
Install their own plugins to the original software and use as they please.
Usage is entirely the responsibility of the user. The operating system is not responsible.

Youtube Video Downloader only available now and stay tuned for more updates !


This project is protected by the GNU General Public License v3.0. Do not edit copyright messages!


Telegram name, its variations and logo are registered trademarks on https://telegram.org . We have nothing to do with the registered trademark.


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