About Quiz Game :

The Game is about answering questions naturally with a friendly UI to enjoy the game.

  • Each correct answer gives you 5 points.
  • You have 30s to finish the quiz.

Requirements to play :

  • make sure you have installed all the libraries (Tkinter – null- ttkbootstrap…)

Start Playing :

  • start the game by running “gametest.py”.

Game Previews :

# General Menu :

  • Full Name Entry : where player enters his Name.
  • Student Id Entry : where player enters his Id.
  • AdminSide Button : to go the admin part in order to modify the quiz difficulty and questions.
  • Start Button : to begin the quiz.
  • Exit Button.


# Start Button :


  • Once you finished the quiz or the time is up, the score plus a table of : Questions,Answers and Your Answers will appear.


# AdminSide Button :

  • Login : admin
  • Password : admin


  • Once you click on ‘Connect’, you will go to :


In this Menu, you can :

  • Create
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete


  • In order to modify the difficulty of the Quiz, we have implimented a percentage ratio buttons :


  • The one on the Left (40) : means that the quiz will take 40% of the easy questions.
  • The one in the Middle (50) : means that the quiz will take 50% of the medium questions.
  • The one on the Right (70) : means that the quiz will take 70% of the hard questions.

Then the Quiz will sum all those (easy-medium-hard) questions randomly into one unique Quiz..

Feel free to fork and Improve it in your own unique way.

Stay Curious.

This project was made by two Devs :

  • ISMAIL JABRI (Darklight-ismail).


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