The GUI application by Python3.8. Using QT Design draw UI and generator UI XML file provides to PySide2 build GUI components. Total adopt OOD design class, service, and abstract class. OOP implemented this project.


This is a simple demo as my study case for University of Coventry & PSB Singapore
author full Chinese name is Liu JiaGe, the English name is Eric, this is my first model need to implement a
study case and required use Python, before I use Python very less, for this time also give me an opportunity
to study how to use Python to do a GUI project.
about the study case is study and exam content from school so it can not open to everyone.

  1. Environment
    IDE, PyCharm
    Python, 3.8
    GUI API, PySide2
    QTDesigner, designer UI XML
    Database, sqlite3
    OS, Mac Pro
  2. Package Hierarchy


  1. How to start it
    if you have been installed Python, 3.8 on your computer, only need you to start main window( enjoy it.


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