NodeQuad V1

Quadruped project using NodeMCU-32S and MicroPython.

Brief introduction

  • This project is about a spider quadruped. The robot can perform multiple gait in MOVE mode, and can rotate and translate with 6DOF in POSE mode.
  • Both Remote control and Calibration are done via Wi-Fi on ESP32.
  • Brian: NodeMCU-32S (ESP32).
  • Actuator: 12 × 20Kg servo.
  • Power supply: 3S 2200mAh Lipo battery. mini360 DC-DC bulk for powering ESP32, PCA9685 and MPU6050. 8A UBEC for 12 servos. Check the PCB file for details.
  • The body is 3D printed PLA.


Demonstration (Video)

Bilibili: 【四足机器人】贴心!真香警告:18舵机的树莓派六足机器人太贵,UP主连肝数日设计制作12个舵机的ESP32四足机器人NodeQuad YouTube: Open Source 3D-printed Spider Quadruped robot using ESP32 and MicroPython


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