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Statistics and Visualization of acceptance rate

Statistics and Visualization of acceptance rate


Statistics and Visualization of acceptance rate, main keyword of CVPR 2019 accepted papers for the main Computer Vision conference (CVPR 2019)

Inspired by ICLR2019-OpenReviewData

CVPR 2019 Acceptance rate (2015~2019)

  • The total number of papers is increasing every year and this year has increased significantly!
  • The acceptance rate decreased from 30% to 25%.


CVPR 2019 simple paper review(20 papers)

CVPR Paper Keywords statistics

  • Accepted Paper list

  • Most of the top keywords were maintained

    • Image, detection, 3d, object, video, segmentation, adversarial, recognition, visual …
  • graph, cloud, representation are about twice as frequent

    • graph : 15 -> 45
    • representation: 25 -> 48
    • cloud: 16 -> 35


Anaysis and Visualization Code (Jupyter Notebook)



i highly recommend to use google colab

Just download jupyter notebook and move to your google drive and Open with Colaboratory