Statistics and Visualization of acceptance rate, main keyword of CVPR 2019 accepted papers for the main Computer Vision conference (CVPR 2019)

Inspired by ICLR2019-OpenReviewData

CVPR 2019 Acceptance rate (2015~2019)

  • The total number of papers is increasing every year and this year has increased significantly!
  • The acceptance rate decreased from 30% to 25%.


CVPR 2019 simple paper review(20 papers)

CVPR Paper Keywords statistics

  • Accepted Paper list

  • Most of the top keywords were maintained

    • Image, detection, 3d, object, video, segmentation, adversarial, recognition, visual …
  • graph, cloud, representation are about twice as frequent

    • graph : 15 -> 45
    • representation: 25 -> 48
    • cloud: 16 -> 35


Anaysis and Visualization Code (Jupyter Notebook)



i highly recommend to use google colab

Just download jupyter notebook and move to your google drive and Open with Colaboratory