SuperChess is a GUI application for playing chess.

It is written in Python 3.10 programming language, uses PySide6
GUI library, python-chess library, and Stockfish chess engine.

It provides an interactive SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) chess board
and a table that displays chess move notation.

Interactivity with chess pieces on the chess board is bound to the rules
of standard chess.

To move a chess piece on the chess board, click on it and then click on
any square marked with a dot indicating a legal chess move.

SuperChess uses Stockfish 14.1 chess engine for Windows and Linux-based
operating systems, but Stockfish 12 for macOS operating system.


For SuperChess to be run at all, you need to install some things on your
operating system, if they are not installed already.

Firstly, download and install

Then with your CLI (command-line interface), also install

  • PySide6: execute pip install PySide6 command
  • python-chess: execute pip install chess command


(1) Huge thanks to the developers of Python programming
language who are making it freely available for everyone, and are
constantly improving it!

(2) Also, huge thanks to the developers of PySide6 GUI library
who are making it freely available for non-commercial use!

  • See the PyPI (Python Package Index) page of PySide6 GUI library:
    PyPI page

(3) Furthermore, huge thanks to Niklas Fiekas (@niklasf on GitHub)
who is making the python-chess library freely available for
everyone and is constantly improving it!

  • See the source code of the python-chess library:
    GitHub page

  • See the PyPI (Python Package Index) page of the python-chess library:
    PyPI page

(4) And last but not least, huge thanks also to the developers of
Stockfish chess engine who are making it freely available for
everyone and are constantly improving it to remain one of the strongest
chess engines in the world!


SuperChess is licensed under the MIT License.

Read the contents of the LICENSE file to get acquainted with
permissions, limitations, and conditions of the license.


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