Rose bot

An advanced telegram Group management Bot For help
You Protect Your Groups & Suit For All Your Needs.

This bot database is Mongo Database so is stable and has no issues till date


  • API_ID : Get it from My telegram Org
  • API_HASH : Get it from My telegram Org
  • BOT_TOKEN : Get it from @Botfather
  • SESSION_STRING : Generate from @szrosebot or genStr
  • LOG_MENTIONS : Fill 1 to turn this on, or 0 to turn it off
  • USERBOT_PREFIX : userbot commands (/,.,!,?)
  • SUDO_USERS_ID : ID of Auth Users who can use Admin commands. (for multiple users seperated by space)
  • LOG_GROUP_ID : logs dump chat id
  • BASE_DB : base mongo database (filters/welcome/notes/etc..)click here
  • MONGO_URL : some usefull features databaseclick here
  • FSUB_CHANNEL : Fsub channel id here like updates channel
  • ARQ_API_URL : For Music Downloading And Many More Things… Don’t change this value arq
  • ARQ_API_KEY : Get this from @ARQRobot
  • RSS_DELAY : Delay in which RSS will send updates in chat
  • PM_PERMIT : Pm permit, fill 1 to enable or 0 to disable it


Read Docs for Detailed Description and Setup Guide on deloying Bot.

Deploy to heroku


Deploy telgram click here

send /deploy command after start bot or see clone page

Contact & Support


Rose is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License v3 or later.

Special credits

Special thanks to these amazing projects:

The bot is based on the original work done by WilliamButcherBot and many other projects This repo was just revamped to suit an Anime-centric & comedy loving community. All original credits go to WilliamButcherBot and their dedication, Without his efforts, this fork would not have been possible!

All other credits mentioned on top of scripts

Anything missing kindly let us know at Telegram Support Group or simply submit a pull request on the readme.

All who helped at a glance

This project exists thanks to these awesome developers and their codes and contributions.

GitHub Contributors Image

And credits goes to all who supported, all who helped and API & environmental equirement package devs and all projects helped in making this project.
Special thanks to you for using bot

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A modular telegram Python bot running on python3 with an mongo database.

Originally a simple group management bot with multiple admin features, it has evolved, becoming extremely modular and simple to use.
Can be found on telegram as rose bot.
I am moderating a support group, where you can ask for help setting up your bot, discover/request new features, report bugs, and stay in the loop whenever a new update is available.
Join the news channel if you just want to stay in the loop about new features or announcements.

⚠️ Note:
We don’t officially support forks / Clones for rose, So don’t tag admins for errors your bot/deploy/code, If any error you should fix it yourself


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