Telegram Voice-Chat Bot [PyTGCalls] Mentioned in Awesome Telegram Calls

Telegram Voice-Chat Bot To Play Music With Pytgcalls From Various Sources In Your Group.


Account requirements

  • A Telegram account to use as the music bot, You cannot use regular bot accounts, as they cannot join voice chats. It must be a user account.
  • API_ID and API_HASH for that account.
  • The account must be an admin of the chat, with Manage Voice Chats and Delete Messages permissions.

Environment requirements

  • Linux-based OS. You cannot run this on Windows natively, Use WSL
  • Python 3.9 or later.
  • ffmpeg package, look below for instructions.

Run (Assuming you have a debian-based distro)

$ git clone
$ cd PyTGCalls
$ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
$ pip3 install -U pip
$ pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt
$ cp

Edit with your own values.

$ python3

Generate String session [IMPORTANT]

Download this file

$ pip3 install pyrogram TgCrypto
$ python3

Fork this repository and change name of to
Then you will need get a session string, copy it, then press heroku deploy button.


Send commands to bot to
play music.


$ git clone && cd PyTGCalls
$ cp sample.env .env

Edit .env with your own values.

$ sudo docker build . -t tgvc-bot
$ sudo docker run tgvc-bot

To stop use CTRL+C


Command Description
/help Show Help Message.
/skip Skip Any Playing Music.
/play [SONG_NAME] To Play A Song Using Saavn.
Service used can be changed in config (DEFAULT_SERVICE).
/play youtube/saavn [SONG_NAME] To Play A Song Using Specific Service.
/play [with reply to an audio file] To Play A Song With TG Audio File.
/queue Check Queue Status.
/delqueue Deletes Queue List and Playlist.
/playlist [songs name separated by line] Start Playing Playlist.
/joinvc Join Voice Chat.
/leavevc Leave Voice Chat.
/volume [1-200] Adjust Volume.
/pause Pause Music.
/resume Resume Music.


  1. If you want any help you can ask here


  1. @MarshalX, For TGCalls
  2. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project.