Track users across social media platforms.

Supported services:

  • Facebook (posts only)
  • Twitter
  • Stackoverflow
  • Instagram
  • Reddit

App uses Django and D3js to draw charts.


  • Django
  • Tweepy
  • PRAW
  • Django related packages
  • facebook_scraper


pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 makemigrations social
python3 migrate
python3 migrate social
python3 createsuperuser
python3 runserver

After that SocialPath will be accessible at localhost:8000/search

Paste your API keys into backend/keys.json Remember to escape double quotes (") in instagram cookie with \ in json

Change your timezone at socialpath/ It's important for scheduled background tasks.

Make sure you have added python3 to your PATH, app calls subprocess in social/

You can check status of the tasks on http://localhost:8000/admin/background_task

Directory is created for each user with csv inside under /static/, for visualizations.