This project is based on detecting the Traffic light.

  • Pretained data is used.
  • This application entertained both real time video or download video and also images.
  • This is basic application and can be used for final year bachelor degree program.

Steps or Guides to run the project.

  • Create a Virtual environment
    $ python3 -m venv env

  • Activate Virtual Environment

    $ source env/bin/activate

  • Install required Packages

    $ pip install -r requirements.txt

  • First need to download the pre-trained weights of the yolo-v3 from following given link, and place that file in the code folder


  • Place the download weigts inside the project folder

  • Testing For Image:

    For testing on the input image,Place the image inside the project folder, enter the path of the pic in the video and run the following command

    $ python3 test_images.py

  • Testing For Videos:

    For testing on the input video ,Place the video file inside the project folder and run the following command

    $ python3 test_videos.py


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