UdemyPy is a bot that hourly looks for Udemy free courses and post them in my Telegram Channel: Free Courses.

How does it work?

For publishing new courses, UdemyPy follows these steps:

  1. UdemyPy looks for courses at Discudemy, UdemyFreebies and TutorialBar.
  2. The courses found are compared to those previously found. A new_courses list is generated and stored into the database.
  3. new_courses are sent to Free Courses.

This process is run hourly, everyday.

How are repeated courses detected?

Since UdemyPy scrapes different websites constantly, it must remember which courses have already been shared to Free Courses.
Every hour UdemyPy gets a list of free Udemy courses: courses_found. This list contains courses which haven't been shared yet and courses that have.
For each course in courses_found, UdemyPy tries to add it to the database. If it fails, the course is already in the database (therefore the course has already been shared). If it success, the course is stored in a new_courses list.
Finally, the new_courses list is sent to Free Courses.

Enviroment Variables

FILE: udemypy/udemy/bot_settings.py

PAGES_TO_SCRAPE: number of pages to scrape from Discudemy, UdemyFreebies and TutorialBar.

FILE: udemypy/tgm/tgm_data.py

TOKEN: token to establish connection with the Telegram bot.
CHANNEL_LINK: link shown when user click the share button from a Telegram message sent by UdemyPy.

FILE: udemypy/database/db_data.py

COURSE_LIFETIME: days a course will be stored in the database
TABLE_NAME: name of the table where courses are stored


GitHub - dylannalex/UdemyPy: Free Udemy courses everyday on: https://t.me/freecourses000
Free Udemy courses everyday on: https://t.me/freecourses000 - GitHub - dylannalex/UdemyPy: Free Udemy courses everyday on: https://t.me/freecourses000