Friendly Telegram Userbot

A fast, easy to set up telegram userbot running Python 3 which uses fork of
the Telethon Library.

Friendly Telegram, also known as FTG, is not your average Telegram userbot: it's faster, can load modules dynamically
and is very easy to use!


  • Latest Telethon lib
  • Security improvements (.session file name not contain full phone number, DeleteAccountRequest disabled, and more)
  • UX improvements (IP address in config script, random port on first launch, etc)
  • Stock modules updates (New functions, bug fixed)
  • Modules Repo with a great variety of modules
  • FFmpeg support for Heroku
  • Fixed bugs
  • Adaptability of modules


  • Python 3.6 or above
  • API ID and Hash from Telegram
  • Some basic knowledge (although you can usually mindlessly copy&paste from the docs)


We've made docs to help you to set up the bot. They can be found here.