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A DiY holiday project to demonstrate how you can send data from adafruitIO cloud to a balena edge device

Hardware required

  • A Raspberry Pi computer
  • 16GB Micro-SD Card (recommended Sandisk Extreme Pro SD cards)
  • WS82xx based LED strip, also known as Neopixels connected to DMA enabled pin board.D18 on RPi
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Power supply(s)

Danger Note : Powering LED strip directly from the GPIO of Pi can damage the board, refer to this guide by adafruit on how to correctly power the neopixel strip and make it work with Raspberry Pi .

Check complete build logs on balenaForums here

Software required

  • balenaCloud account (free)
  • adafruitIO account (free)
  • balenaEtcher (optional)(free) – to flash the SD card with balenaOS
  • balenaCLI (optional)(free) – if using balena push to deploy the fleet

Deploy a fleet

You can deploy this app to a new balenaCloud fleet in one click using the button below:

deploy button

Or, you can create a fleet in your balenaCloud dashboard and balena push this code to it, the traditional way.

Configuring LED strip and adafruitIO cloud credentials

The following Device Configuration variables are required, these can be set at balenaCloud dashboard :

Name Value
NUM_PIXELS total number of LEDs in the strip (default 60)
BRIGHTNESS between 0 and 1 (default 0.3)
ADAFRUIT_IO_KEY Obtain from adafruitIO account
ADAFRUIT_IO_USERNAME username of your adafruitIO account
FEED_ID name of the feed you created on adafruitIO


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