A minimalistic open source mtg-like game made in python that can be played on a terminal emulator. The first goal to be realistic in scope is to have a playable single player game, with simple generated card, that have reccurent simple effect like "flying". Then add complexity, and maybe in the far long distant future a form of multiplayer.

Help Needed!

I really want to play an mtg-like alternative game on linux, so please do your best to contribute if you can!
This project only accept clear, organized and well commented code.
You can also submit suggestion and idea, as long as they are unambiguous and well developed.

Main Game View

Turn: [Player_name_one]
Phase: [Beginning/Untap Step] 

▶️ [Player_name_one]: Health[20] Deck[60]

Hand:  🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳[7] 
Graveyard: 💀[0]

Mana:  🟪 ⬛⬛
Field: 🟫🟫 ⬛
Field: 🟫🟫🟫
Mana:  🟪🟪 ⬛

Graveyard: 💀[6]
Hand:  🟧🟫🟪🟫🔍🟧[6]

[Player_name_two]: Health[20] Deck[60]

Name: [Lorem Ipsum]
Cost: 🔵🔵🔵[3] 🚫🚫[2]
Type: Creature
Effect: [ ... ]
P&T: [1/1]

Graveyard View

Graveyard: 🟧🟫🟪🟫🔍🟧[6]
Field: ⚔️

Name: [Lorem Ipsum]
Cost: 🔵🔵🔵[3] 🚫🚫[2]
Type: Creature
Effect: [ ... ]
P&T: [1/1]

Symbols emoji and therm used

Tapped ⬛
Artefact Or Enchantment ⬜
Creature 🟫
Instant or Sorcery 🟧
Cursor/Slection 🔍
Colorless +
Attacking 🗡️
Blocking 🛡️
Colorless 🚫
Mana card 🟪
Back 🔳

Therm: P&T = Power and Taughness

Info on phase and stuff
Phase: beginning, first_main, combat, second_main, ending
Steps: Beginning(Untap, Draw) Main(Land, Spells) Combat(Attackers, Blockers, damage) Second(Land, Spells) Ending(Cleanup)