Nepali Dictionary API

A Nepali dictionary api created using Fast API and inspired from You can say this is just the API version of that project.


Setting up the project locally.


  • make makes the process automated. Make sure, make is installed.
  • docker-compose and docker are used to bake the images and run in isolation. This also helps you from not requiring psql, pgadmin installed in your machine.


  1. Clone the repository.

  2. Make sure to override .env file to add your own variables.

      cp .env.local .env
      $EDITOR .env
  3. Run the project using the following command.

    make dev
  4. If you’re running for the first time, you may want to run migrations with the command.

      make migrate
  5. If you want to seed the database using the currently provided data, run the following command.

      make seed-db
  6. The development service will be live: http://localhost:8000

  7. PGAdmin will be available on:



  • Architecture Inspired from @robusgauli


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