This short program will generate a eth key pair that has the public key that starts with a defined amount of 0


  • Python 3.x (tested on 3.8 and 3.9)
  • Install dependencies

At the root of the repo in a command line:

pip install requests


I would strongly advice to not use an address generated by this program for the following reasons:

  • The seed phrase is random (so hard to save on a piece of paper)
  • It is pseudo random so that is a security risk

So not my fault if you loose your eth


If everything is installed correctly you can run

py [n]

with n being the amount of 0s the address should start with

On my machine I have been able to generate an address with 7 zeros. The complexity is exponetial so I doupt it is possible to make more without proper optimizations like threads. If I really wanted to go all out, I would make a program that uses CUDA. Maybe one day…


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