A python project made to generate code using either OpenAI’s codex or GPT-J (Although not as good as codex)

Install requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt


first set everything up (Note: you can change the temperature to a higher value for more creative results)

from CodeJ import GenerationJ

lang = "Python"
temperature = 0.6
top_p = 1.0

J = GenerationJ("file_name")

Now call the method to generate text

J.generate("Python", temperature, top_p, "Make a square", "Make a triangle using turtle")

For Both the gptj and codex version you can pass as many prompts as you want


from CodeJ import Generation3

temperature = 0.3
gpt3 = Generation3("file_name", "Replace with your API key")
gpt3.generation("Python", 0.416, "Make a square using the turtle module", "Add take the power of numbers in an array", "Print CodeJ is awesome")

Supported Languages

Languages = ["MATLAB", "Julia", "C#", "Python", "Python3", "C++", "Q#", "F#", "JavaScript", "Kotlin", "Dart", "Java", "C", "CSS", "HTML"]


Sign up for an api-key here Use the free Gpt-J version if you want as well


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