JLC2KiCad_lib is a python script that generate a component library (schematic, footprint and 3D model) for KiCad from the JLCPCB/easyEDA library.
This script requires Python 3.6 or higher.

Usage [-h] [-dir OUTPUT_DIR] [--no_footprint] [--no_schematic] [-schematic_lib SCHEMATIC_LIB]
                        [-footprint_lib FOOTPRINT_LIB] [-logging_level LOGGING_LEVEL] [--log_file]
                        JLCPCB_part_# [JLCPCB_part_# ...]

example usage : python3 C1337258 C24112 -dir My_lib -schematic_lib My_Schematic_lib --no_footprint

This example will create the schematic for the two component specified, and will output the schematic in the ./My_lib/Schematic/My_Schematic_lib.lib file.
The --no_footprint is used to disable the footprint generation.

The JLCPCB part # is found in the part info section of every component is the JLCPCB part library.


This script relies on KicadModTree framework for the footprints generation.
You can use pip install KicadModTree==1.1.2 to install it using pip.


  • Even so I tested the script on a lot of components, be careful and always check the output footprint.
  • The schematic generation still has some issues for components with complex geometries, but the pin should be correctly mapped.


Copyright © 2021 TousstNicolas

The code is released under the MIT license


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