🌷Miss Raya🌷

A Simple Group Manager Bot using Pyrogram, Telethon. Specially This is working with firebase database.

Plugins not included yet ⚠


Easy Method

Deploy on Railway Deploy on Heroku

Hard Method

# Install Git First (apt-instll git)
$ git clone https://github.com/TharukRenuja/MissRaya
$ cd MissRaya
# Install All Requirements 
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
# Add Your Details to ./MissRaya/vars.py
# Start Bot 
$ python3 -m MissRaya
Mandatory Vars

[+] Make Sure You Add All These Mandatory Vars. 
    [-] API_ID:   You can get this value from my.telegram.org
    [-] API_HASH :   You can get this value from my.telegram.org
    [-] FDBURL : Your Firebase DataBase Url. (You can get this value from console.firebase.google.com)
    [-] BOT_TOKEN: Get from @BotFather
    [-] LOG_CHNL: Your Log Channel ID. (Make sure bot is admin in channel)
    [-] BOT_USERNAME: Bot Username.
[+] The MissRaya won't run without setting the mandatory vars.

Important ⚠

[+] Go to console.firebase.google.com & Go to Your Project & Go to Project Settings & Go to Service Accounts & Click on Generate New Private Key & It will Download your Database Credentials File & Then rename it to Database.json & Put it on main directory on MissRaya. MissRaya won’t work if you don’t put it correctly.

[+] After you got the database url replace the string on Here into your realtime database url on your forked repository.

[+] You Must Need To Create Some Keys on Firebase Realtime Database. It’s on down below pitcure👇

[+] And then you need to Admins in database as like this👇. You must need at least one admin on bot. You can add new admins through bot after you deployed.

Should any be missing kindly let us know at Developers or simply submit a pull request on the readme.


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