A simple python application for generating a WiFi QR code

  • Initialize the class by providing QR code values

WiFi_QR_Code(self, error_correction: int = None, box_size: int = None, border: int = None) -> None

error_correction: the level of error correction in the QR code, the higher the larger the size | ERROR_CORRECT_L
box_size: the pixel width of each box in the QR code, the higher the larger resolution
border: the pixel width of the QR code border, improves readability for a camera | cannot be below 4px
  • Encode WiFi credentials into the raw QR code standard

.encode_wifi(self, ssid: str, password: str, encryption: str = None, hidden: str = None) -> str

ssid: the network SSID
password: the network password, if applicable
encryption: the encryption protocol for the network, if applicable | '', 'WPA', 'WPA2'
hidden: the visibility of the network | 'True', 'False'
  • Generate the WiFi QR code from provided credentials

.generate_wifi_qrcode(self, wifi_metadata: str, file_name: str, file_directory: str = None, fill_color: tuple = None, back_color: tuple = None) -> str

wifi_metadata: raw QR code metadata outputted from the "encode_wifi" function
file_name: the name of the file to be saved as | does not require any extension
file_directory: the folder at which to be saved, if applicable | will save in the same folder
fill_color: the color for the high state of the QR code | ('250', '250', '250')
back_color: the color for the low state of the QR code | ('0', '0', '0')


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