TikTok Downloader Bot

A Telegram bot to download TikTok videos without any watermark.

Python PyCharm Git
Heroku Telegram

Host on Heroku

Deploy to Heroku

Youtube: Deployment Tutorial
Demo: JayBee TikTok Downloader

Configuring Environments

  • API_HASH : Your Telegram APP HASH, get this from https://my.telegram.org
  • API_KEY : Your Telegram APP API KEY, get this from https://my.telegram.org
  • BOT_TOKEN : Your bot token, generate it from https://t.me/BotFather
  • WORKERS : Number of threads to use, this depends on usage. 4 is the recommended (and default) amount, but your experience may vary.
  • CHANNEL_URL : URL of your Telegram channel link.
  • BOT_URL : Username of your Telegram Bot (without @). Example: JayBeeTikTokBot


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