Hugging Face x Stable-baselines3

A library to load and upload Stable-baselines3 models from the Hub.


With pip


[Todo: add colab tutorial]

Case 1: I want to download a model from the Hub

import gym

from huggingface_sb3 import load_from_hub
from stable_baselines3 import PPO

env = gym.make("CartPole-v1")

model = PPO("MlpPolicy", env, verbose=1)

# Retrieve the model from the hub
## repo_id =  id of the model repository from the Hugging Face Hub (repo_id = {organization}/{repo_name})
## filename = name of the model zip file from the repository
checkpoint = load_from_hub(repo_id="ThomasSimonini/ppo-CartPole-v1", filename="CartPole-v1")

obs = env.reset()
for i in range(1000):
    action, _states = model.predict(obs, deterministic=True)
    obs, reward, done, info = env.step(action)
    if done:
      obs = env.reset()


Case 2: I trained an agent and want to upload it to the Hub

First you need to be logged in to Hugging Face:

  • If you’re using Colab/Jupyter Notebooks:

from huggingface_hub import notebook_login
  • Else:
huggingface-cli login


import gym
from huggingface_sb3 import push_to_hub
from stable_baselines3 import PPO

# Create the environment
env = gym.make('CartPole-v1')

# Define a PPO MLpPolicy architecture
model = PPO('MlpPolicy', env, verbose=1)

# Train it for 10000 timesteps

# Save the model"CartPole-v1")

# Push this saved model to the hf repo
# If this repo does not exists it will be created
## filename: the name of the file == "name" inside"CartPole-v1")
push_to_hub(repo_name = "CartPole-v1",
           organization = "ThomasSimonini",  
           filename = "CartPole-v1", 
           commit_message = "Added Cartpole-v1 trained model")


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