Advanced search language for Django and elasticsearch based on DjangoQL project.

DjangoQL is a library that provides search language that works with django orm. elastic-dql extends DjangoQL project to
generate elasticsearch queries.

elastic-dql suppports logical operators and parenthesis.It also provides to apis to get index mappings and value
suggestions for keyword fields.



$ pip install elastic-dql

Add 'elastic_dql' to INSTALLED_APPS in your settings.py:


Add ELASTIC_DQL section in settings.py:

  "schema_factory": "elastic_dql.schema.SchemaFactory",
  "default_schema": "elastic_dql.schema.ElasticDjangoQlSchema",
  "default_index": None,
  "accept_index_param": True,  # if False default_index should be specified
  "connection": {
    "hosts": ["http://localhost"],

this values are default configs.if you have just one elasticsearch index you better set a default index otherwise you
should pass index parameter in mappings and suggestions apis.

Generating Elasticsearch Queries

to create elasticsearch queries you should follow these lines:

from elastic_dql.query import get_query
index_name = "your_elasticsearch_index"
query = 'name = "mohammad" and age = 10'
elastic_query = get_query(index_name, query)

Custom SchemaFactory

SchemaFactory handles limits to access elasticsearch.by default elastic-dql uses elastic_dql.schema.SchemaFactory
and allows to access to all indexes and fields.

To make some limits at first you should create custom SchemaFactory:

from elastic_dql.schema import SchemaFactory

class CustomSchemaFactory(SchemaFactory):
    include_indices = ('*',)
    exclude_indices = ()
    index_field_limits = {
        "some-index": ["password_field","other_limited_field"]

after implementing CustomSchemaFactory add the class path to settings.py:

  "schema_factory": "path.to.CustomSchemaFactory",

⚠️ you must either fill include_indices or exclude_indices not both

Mappings and Suggestions api

Mappings api : provides field mappings of index (default_index or get from url parameters)

Suggestions api : provides field value suggestion for Keyword fields.can use for auto-complete.

To use this apis you must add elastic_dql urls:

from elastic_dql.urls import get_urls

urlpatterns = [
          ] + get_urls()


from django.urls import include

urlpatterns = [
$ curl localhost:8000/mappings?index=your_index

⚠️ if use default_index, index parameter will be skipped

$ curl localhost:8000/suggestions/some_keyword_field?index=your_index&search=values_must_contains_this

⚠️ search is optional – if use default_index, index parameter will be skipped


  • index and field limiting with SchemaFactory Customization
  • mappings and suggestions apis

TODO Tasks

  • add pagination to suggestions api
  • make library compatible with elastic-dsl query generator
  • add async for elasticsearch communications
  • cache field mappings and invalidate it with user defined duration
  • compatibility test with some elasticsearch (python lib) versions
  • handle all elasticsearch fields now it supports (long,unsigned_long,text,keyword,float,int,date,boolean)

DjangoQL project

DjangoQL github page:


Language reference

The query language is as same as djangoql query language

Language refrence




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