Wireguard Database Connector Overview

Development Status: 0.1.7 (alpha)

First of all, I’d like to thank Jared McKnight for
wireguard who inspired me to make
this AddOn.

The Wireguard Database Connector makes use of the ORM peewee,
providing a broader approach to several database systems.

DB Field & Function policy: Only compatible fields/functions are used to support migrations from one to the other.

Database backends tested for far:

  • sqlite3
  • mariadb
  • postgres
  • Please report here more if successful tested and/or commit your code

In most cases the use of cython is recommended.

For more known python modules consult the peewee documentation:

Quick Start using Database

First run on python3 (=>3.6)

One the first create a default configfile at /etc/wireguard/wireguard.yaml

from wireguardDB.models.config import DBConfig
# now enshure you can write and read the config.yaml
# it will create a /etc/wireguard/wireguard.yaml file
if DBConfig().write():
    setup = DBConfig().read()
# you should see a tuple containing the default setup for a sqlite3 connector

This should have created a sample configfile, now edit this
to your needs. Errors may indicate that you are either not authorized
to use or create files in /etc/wireguard or the directory itself does not exist.
If you are using only one database type (adapter) you do not need to remove
any other of the sections for other adpters.

The default /etc/wireguard/wireguard.yaml should be self
explaining for those used in working with databases on a system level.

Test a connection to your database

from wireguardDB.models import DBConfig, DBConnect
# try a connection
# in short
db = DBConnect().set(DBConfig.read())
# is
setup = DBConfig.read()
db = DBConnect().set(setup)

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