Geometry Sketcher

Constraint-based sketcher addon for Blender that allows to create precise 2d shapes by defining a set of geometric constraints like tangent, distance, angle, equal and more. Sketches stay editable and support a fully non-destructive workflow.

Minimum version: Blender 2.92

Discussion and feedback: Discord

Experimental addon: This is still work in progress, don’t use it on production files without a backup.

Addon installation

  • Download the ZIP archive from github (do not unpack it after downloading)
  • Open Blender and go to: Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > Press “Install…” button
  • Browse to the location of the ZIP and select it, then press “Install Add-on”
  • Enable the addon by pressing the checkbox

Dependency installation

Geometry sketcher heavily depends on the and won’t be fully funtional without it.

  • Inside the addon’s preferences check the “Solver Module” tab to see if the module is already available
  • Either press “Install from PyPi”
  • Or download the appropriate *.whl file here and press “Install from local File”