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Windows Shortcut Creation

Create Windows Shortcuts to your python programs and any other file easily using this application created using PySimpleGUI.



Old-school Straight Pip

pip install psgshortcut

pip via python -m pip the python recommended way

If python is your command

python -m pip install psgshortcut

If python3 is your command

python3 -m pip install psgshortcut


Open a command window and type:


Create a Shortcut To This Program

Use this program to make a shortcut to itself so that you can then put on your desktop or pin to your taskbar or ???

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command window (I promise, it’s the last time you’ll need to for this program)
  2. Type – where psgshortcut
  3. Copy the line that where psgshortcut gave you into the first input of the shortcut maker program
  4. Run psgshortcut by typing psgshortcut in your command window
  5. Right click and choose “File Location”
  6. Copy the file location results, but change the extension from .py to .ico and paste into the Icon file input of the shortcut maker
  7. Click “Create Shortcut”

This will create a shortcut in the same folder as the target file. You can safely move this shortcut file to any place you want (like to your desktop). Double-click the shortcut and your program should launch.

Make Shortcuts To Anything

You can not only make shortcuts to Python programs, but you can make shortcuts to EXE and other files. The GUI is self-explanatory. Fill in the inputs, click the Make Shortcut button and you’ll find the shortcut in the same folder as the target program.

Important Note – Pinning To Taskbar Requires “Python Command”

If you wish to pin your shortcut to the taskbar, then be sure to fill in the “Python Command” field with the full path to your pythonw.exe file. Without it you’ll get “IDLE” as the program that’s pinned. You can skip filling in this field if you’re going to place the shortcut on your desktop or other location.


Licensed under an LGPL3 License

This PyPI Was Designed and Written By

This program originated from the PySimpleGUI Demo Programs. You’ll find it here:

Mike from


Like the PySimpleGUI project, this project is currently licensed under an open-source license, the project itself is structured like a proprietary product. Pull Requests are not accepted.


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