The current mpchc integration in homeassistant violates ADR0004, so it will be deleted from core. This is just the existing integration copied to a separate repo.

The name of the integration changed from mpchc to mpc_hc to solve possible name conflicts.


It should be added to HACS at one point.

Manual installation

Copy mpc_hc folder to your custom_components folder, and restart home-assistant.


The main mpc-hc is unmaitained, it’s recommended to use this maintained fork instead: clsid2/mpc-hc: Media Player Classic


The mpc_hc platform allows you to connect a Media Player Classic Home Cinema to Home Assistant. It will allow you to see the current playing item, and respond to changes in the player’s state.

For this integration to function, you will need to enable the Web Interface in the MPC-HC options dialog:

If the server running Home Assistant is not the same device that is running MPC-HC, you will need to ensure that the allow access from localhost only option is not set.


The MPC-HC web interface is highly insecure, and allows remote clients full player control file-system access without authentication. Never allow access to the Web UI from outside of your trusted network, and if possible use a proxy script to restrict control or redact sensitive information.


To add MPC-HC to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: mpc_hc

Configuration Variables

Variable Type Required Default value Usage
host string required The host name or IP address of the device that is running MPC-HC.
port integer optional 13579 The port number of the device.
name string optional MPC-HC The name of the device used in the frontend.


Apache 2


Original documentation can be found in

Contributors of the original component are in docs/


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