Hildebrand Glow IHD Local MQTT Home Assistant integration

Inspired and heavily based on @robertalexa forum thread here: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/glow-hildebrand-display-local-mqtt-access-template-help/428638


Installation & Usage

  1. Install MQTT Addon (https://home-assistant.io/components/mqtt/) – required for this integration to work
  2. Buy a Hildebrand Glow IHD device (https://shop.glowmarkt.com/products/display-and-cad-combined-for-smart-meter-customers)
  3. Follow this blog post to connect the Hildebrand Glow IHD device (https://medium.com/@joshua.cooper/glow-local-mqtt-f69b776b7af4)
  4. Add repository to HACS (see https://hacs.xyz/docs/faq/custom_repositories) – use “https://github.com/megakid/ha_hildebrand_glow_ihd_mqtt” as the repository URL.
  5. Install the hildebrand_glow_ihd_mqtt integration inside HACS
  6. Restart HA
  7. Add Hildebrand Glow IHD MQTT integration using the normal HA integration configuration screen – note if you leave the Device ID as ‘+’ it will automatically detect all Hildebrand Glow IHD devices publishing to your MQTT – this is the recommended way.
  8. Your various sensors will be named something like sensor.smart_meter... grouped as devices.



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