Downloads Comics from

To use this script from command line:


To ensure all run requirements are met, please do the following:

  • install python3.6 or greater (python3.8 is recommended)
  • run pip install -r requirements.txt


usage: [-h] [-f FOLDER] [-v] [-c] [-l] [-d] URL

Script for downloading CBZ files from, version 0.1.12

positional arguments:
  URL                   The url of the comic to download

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FOLDER, --folder FOLDER
                        The folder to save the comic in
  -v, --version         Display the current version of the script
  -c, --complete        Download the entire comic into one folder. Omit this argument to download
                        each issue into its own folder
  -l, --lowres          Download low resolution images. Omit this argument to download the max
                        quality images
  -d, --disable-wait    Disable the wait between requests (captcha guard)
  -s, --selenium        Scrape image links using Selenium and a headless browser
  -sd, --selenium-display 
                        Use Selenium in display mode 
  -i, -issue            Pass this argument when you want to start your download at a specific issue number. For example, if the script crashes after downloading 100 out of 150 issues, start the script again and pass in -i, then input 100 when prompted, and it should only download the remaining 50.

- Generates title for you, creates a folder and cbz file for each issue separately
Example: -c
- Generates title for you, creates one large folder with every image in it, and one large cbz
Example: -f Lucifer -c
- Uses title "Lucifer", creates one large folder with every image in it, and one large cbz
- Generates title for you, detects that a single issue link has been provided
Example: -l -d -sd
- Generates title for you, disables wait timer, downloads low(er) quality images, uses Selenium in display mode, downloads each issue into separate folders and CBZ files

This script will create a folder in the current directory (directory the script is run from) with the name of your comic. The name of the subdirectory is denoted by the -f / --folder flag.

The script will download comics to the current working directory, this means the script can be added to the PATH variable without issue.

cd /tmp/comics && $HOME/ComicDownloader/ <comic-url>
# this will download the images and comics to the /tmp/comics directory

This folder will then be filled with sequential images consisting of every image in every issue, in order.

The url parameter may be either the information page for the comic as a whole, or the url for a single issue.

Providing the -c argument will have no effect if you have supplied the link for a single issue.


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