Django Easy Logging

Easy Django logging with Loguru

Loguru is an exceeding easy way to do logging in Python. django-easy-logging makes it exceedingly easy to use Loguru in Django. Once integrated you can using existings Python logging mechanisms which are then funneled into Loguru or you can use the Loguru logging methods.


pip install djang-easy-logging


In your towards the end of the file add:

from dj_easy_log import load_loguru


In your other files, use Loguru methods for logging.

from loguru import logger

logger.debug("That's it, beautiful and simple logging!")"If you're using Python {}, prefer {feature} of course!", 3.6, feature="f-strings")

Note: Any existing logging is funneled into loguru when using the defualt settings. Loguru is used as a sink as outlined in the docs.


Log Level

The default log level in DEBUG is INFO. Otherwise the default level is ERROR.

You can override the log level with the env LOGLEVEL.


pass in a log level into load_loguru.

Example: load_loguru(globals(), loglevel="WARNING")

Logging Config

The LOGGING config dict is generated automatically or you can pass in your own. The default is created by generate_loggin_config

Example: load_loguru(globals(), logging_config=MY_LOGGING_CONFIG)

Configuring Loguru

You can pass in a function that configures Loguru.


def setup_loguru(logger, settings_dict):
  if not settings_dict['DEBUG']:
    logger.add("django.log", rotation="100 MB")

load_loguru(globals(), configure_func=setup_loguru)

Configuring the Default Format

export LOGURU_FORMAT="<blue>{time:HH:mm:ss}</blue> | <red>{name}:{line}</red> | {level} - {message}"

See the record dict documention for other available formatting options. And see color markups for more info on coloring and markups.

Shameless Plugs

I built this library originally for the NeutronSync Service. So if you would like to support this project please support the service with a subscription to NeutronSync or a donation to the open source libraries.


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