A Telegram Management Bot.


If There's no Trace of This Repo in your Bot, We will be pushing a gban on you from our systems.

Can be found on telegram as Emilia.


  • Maintained
  • Support Group Included
  • Free
  • OpenSourced
  • Working Instance Available
  • Clean Code

Creator Info/Credits

Thanks To:
> @AnimeKaizoku

> @PaulSonofLars

> @sudo_nautilus

> @kanekiken44

The Support group can be reached out to at Tangent, where you can ask for help about Emilia, discover/request new features, report bugs, and stay in the loop whenever a new update is available.Heroku Deploy
The Easiest Way to Deploy This Bot is Via Heroku. In Order To deploy, You Just Have Fill The Necessary Environment Variables and Done!


More Deploy Options

Deploying on Local Machine

[email protected]:~$ git clone https://github.com/IzumiCypherX/EmiliaAnimeBot    [email protected]:~$ cd EmiliaAnimeBot    [email protected]:~$ cp sample_config.py config.py

Edit Config.py with your own Values

Start with python -m EmiliaAnimeBotDeploying On IDE VMs Like Repl.it

Refer to Deploying On Local Machine

IzumiCypherX - Overview
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