Business Intelligence for Modern Data Teams

Evidence enables analysts to deliver a polished business intelligence system using SQL and markdown.

It offers a modern development workflow for analysts and a polished user experience for decision-makers.

How It Works

An Evidence project is a collection of markdown documents. Whenever you write SQL queries in those documents, Evidence runs that SQL against your data warehouse.

You can reference the results of those queries directly in your markdown document's text, or you can use them to make charts, graphs, and tables using our built-in component library.

Evidence compiles your markdown documents into a fast and reliable website. It tests your queries and keeps the site up-to-date with your data warehouse.

Evidence supports loops, conditionals, parameterized pages, tests and more. It's easy to get started and you can build data products which are both more sophisticated and dramatically easier to use than what you can build with a typical BI tool.

Getting Started

Evidence is in alpha. A lot of things will change between now and our stable release.


Check out the documentation for a complete walk through.

npx degit evidence-dev/template my-project
cd my-project 
npm install 
npm run dev 

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