Experimental python optimistic rollup fraud-proof generation tech by @protolambda.

Working on a python version for brevity and simplicity. See previous Go-experiment for incomplete but faster Go implementation. Inconvenient Merkle-Patricia-Trie access of ethereum state is the main drawback of python, maybe the Go version makes a comeback.

Q: Difference with Optimism OVM? A: pure 1:1 EVM, but interactive fraud proof.

Q: Difference with Arbitrum AVM? A: Also interactive fraud proof, but no AVM extras, no compiler, simplicity first. Maintain 1:1 EVM for tooling ease and hopeful for later L1 non-interactive replacement.

Q: Why is it named Mucula? A: The Macula is the spot of the retina for color vision. No optimism without color, no proof without optical vision.


LGPL v3, see file. The EVM design is based on the go-ethereum EVM.