Google Chat GPT-3

This repo will help you fine-tune GPT-3 with a Google Chat conversation history. The trained model will be able to converse as one or both sides of the conversation in the participants' style.

  1. Download your Chat archive from Google Takeout.
  2. Locate the messages.json file of the conversation you would like to use as a training set.
  3. Use the script to prepare data for training:
python --messages <MESSAGES_FILE> --output <TRAINING_FILE>

4. Test your training data with OpenAI's tool:

openai tools fine_tunes.prepare_data -f <TRAINING_FILE>

You should see: No remediations found.

5.Fine-tine GPT-3 with your training data:

openai api fine_tunes.create -t <TRAINING_FILE>

You should see: Job complete! Status: succeeded 🎉. Don't forget to note the name of the model.

6.Try out your model in the Playground or with the CLI:

openai api completions.create -m <MODEL_NAME>
GitHub - njbbaer/google-chat-gpt3 at
Fine-tune GPT-3 with a Google Chat conversation history - GitHub - njbbaer/google-chat-gpt3 at