The official implementation of the CVPR 2022 paper MixFormer: End-to-End Tracking with Iterative Mixed Attention



[Models and Raw results] (Google Driver) [Models and Raw results] (Baidu Driver: hmuv)



✨ New transformer tracking framework

MixFormer is composed of a target-search mixed attention (MAM) based backbone and a simple corner head, yielding a compact tracking pipeline without an explicit integration module.

✨ End-to-end, Positional-embedding-free, multi-feature-aggregation-free

Mixformer is an end-to-end tracking framework without post-processing. Compared with other transformer trackers, MixFormer doesn’s use positional embedding, attentional mask and multi-layer feature aggregation strategy.

✨ Strong performance

Tracker VOT2020 (EAO) LaSOT (NP) GOT-10K (AO) TrackingNet (NP)
MixFormer 0.555 79.9 70.7 88.9
ToMP101* (CVPR2022) 79.2 86.4
SBT-large* (CVPR2022) 0.529 70.4
SwinTrack* (Arxiv2021) 78.6 69.4 88.2
Sim-L/14* (Arxiv2022) 79.7 69.8 87.4
STARK (ICCV2021) 0.505 77.0 68.8 86.9
KeepTrack (ICCV2021) 77.2
TransT (CVPR2021) 0.495 73.8 67.1 86.7
TrDiMP (CVPR2021) 67.1 83.3
Siam R-CNN (CVPR2020) 72.2 64.9 85.4
TREG (Arxiv2021) 74.1 66.8 83.8


[Mar 21, 2022]

  • MixFormer is accepted by CVPR2022.
  • We release Code, models and raw results.

Install the environment

Use the Anaconda

conda create -n mixformer python=3.6
conda activate mixformer
bash install_pytorch17.sh

Data Preparation

Put the tracking datasets in ./data. It should look like:

 -- data
     -- lasot
         |-- airplane
         |-- basketball
         |-- bear
     -- got10k
         |-- test
         |-- train
         |-- val
     -- coco
         |-- annotations
         |-- images
     -- trackingnet
         |-- TRAIN_0
         |-- TRAIN_1
         |-- TRAIN_11
         |-- TEST

Set project paths

Run the following command to set paths for this project

python tracking/create_default_local_file.py --workspace_dir . --data_dir ./data --save_dir .

After running this command, you can also modify paths by editing these two files

lib/train/admin/local.py  # paths about training
lib/test/evaluation/local.py  # paths about testing

Train MixFormer

Training with multiple GPUs using DDP. More details of other training settings can be found at tracking/train_mixformer.sh

# MixFormer
bash tracking/train_mixformer.sh

Test and evaluate MixFormer on benchmarks

  • LaSOT/GOT10k-test/TrackingNet/OTB100/UAV123. More details of test settings can be found at tracking/test_mixformer.sh
bash tracking/test_mixformer.sh
  • VOT2020 Before evaluating “MixFormer+AR” on VOT2020, please install some extra packages following external/AR/README.md. Also, the VOT toolkit is required to evaluate our tracker. To download and instal VOT toolkit, you can follow this tutorial. For convenience, you can use our example workspaces of VOT toolkit under external/vot20/ by setting trackers.ini.

cd external/vot20/<workspace_dir>
vot evaluate --workspace . MixFormerPython
# generating analysis results
vot analysis --workspace . --nocache

Compute FLOPs/Params and test speed

bash tracking/profile_mixformer.sh

Visualize attention maps

bash tracking/vis_mixformer_attn.sh


Model Zoo and raw results

The trained models and the raw tracking results are provided in the [Models and Raw results] (Google Driver) or [Models and Raw results] (Baidu Driver: hmuv).


  • Thanks for PyTracking Library and STARK Library, which helps us to quickly implement our ideas.
  • We use the implementation of the CvT from the official repo CvT.


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