Trading strategy for the Freqtrade crypto bot

Clone The Repository

If you plan to only clone the repository to use the strategy, a regular git clone will do.

However, if you plan on running additional strategies or run the test suite, you need to clone
the repository and it’s submodules.

Newer versions of Git

git clone --recurse-submodules checkout-path

Older versions of Git

git clone --recursive checkout-path

Existing Checkouts

git submodule update --remote --checkout

Change strategy

Add strategies to the user_data/strategies folder and also in the docker-compose.yml file at strategy-list add your strategy in the list.

[Additional Information : NFINext is a older strategy on 5m tf , NFI-NG is a 15m tf stategy abandoned mid development , NFIX is the currently developed strategy (a rework of NG on 5m tf)]

General Recommendations

For optimal performance, suggested to use between 4 and 6 open trades, with unlimited stake.

A pairlist with 40 to 80 pairs. Volume pairlist works well.

Prefer stable coin (USDT, BUSD etc) pairs, instead of BTC or ETH pairs.

Highly recommended to blacklist leveraged tokens (*BULL, *BEAR, *UP, *DOWN etc).

Ensure that you don’t override any variables in you config.json. Especially the timeframe (must be 5m).

  • use_sell_signal must set to true (or not set at all).
  • sell_profit_only must set to false (or not set at all).
  • ignore_roi_if_buy_signal must set to true (or not set at all).


Absolutely not required. However, will be accepted as a token of appreciation.

  • BTC: bc1qvflsvddkmxh7eqhc4jyu5z5k6xcw3ay8jl49sk

  • ETH (ERC20): 0x83D3cFb8001BDC5d2211cBeBB8cB3461E5f7Ec91

  • BEP20/BSC (USDT, ETH, BNB, …): 0x86A0B21a20b39d16424B7c8003E4A7e12d78ABEe

  • TRC20/TRON (USDT, TRON, …): TTAa9MX6zMLXNgWMhg7tkNormVHWCoq8Xk

  • Patreon :

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