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how to use

1. Make new application at
2. Make a bot 
3. Copy the bot's token and id.
4. Paste each in the appropriate place for ./config.json.
5. set prefix
6. set commands at ./coms.json
7. start

A few functions to use at are implemented.


 "commands": {
   "command1": "content1",
   "command2": "content2"

Sub-elements of commands can be added. When prefix+command1 is used in the Discord chat, content1 is output.


  "settings": {
    "token": "enter token here",
    "prefix": "enter prefix here",
    "bot_id": "enter id here"

  "games": {
    "game1": "status message 1",
    "game2": "status message 2"

Each token, prefix, and bot_id must be filled. And the sub-elements of games are output as status message 1 and status message 2 are changed every 5 seconds.
A game and a status message may be added.

It is a function produced by to examine config.json.

After filling in the two files, config.json and coms.json, respectively, run and the Discordbot will function normally.


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