The Pygame Community Discord bot

The bot is capable of doing a lot of stuff, the command prefix is pg!. For help on all the bot commands, run pg!help.

The bot is licensed under the MIT license.

Setting up the bot on test mode

  • When you get the 'sorcerer' role on the discord server, you will be given the token of the test bot.

  • You can then run the bot locally on your local setup to test the bot.

  • Make sure you have python 3.7 or above, install the deps with pip install -r requirements.txt

  • Make a .env file at the base dir (this is git-ignored), and set it like

TEST_TOKEN = "bot token goes here"
TEST_USER_ID = 1234567890 # your discord ID
  • Run the file, and you should see a dev version of the bot fire up

Running the bot on your server

  • In addition to the above steps, if you want to get the bot started on your own server, you'd need to make some code changes, in the file, you would either need to set the bot on "generic" mode, where the server specific features are disabled, or alternatively, rewrite ServerConstants class, but with the constants from your server. Don't forget to revert these changes when you send us a PR!