Arma Reforger Dedicated Server

An Arma Reforger dedicated server. Updates to the latest version every time it is restarted.


Docker CLI

    docker create \
        --name=reforger-server \
        -p 2001:2001/udp \
        -v path/to/configs:/reforger/Configs \
        -v path/to/profiles:/home/profile \
        -e SERVER_REGION="EU" \
        -e SERVER_HOST_REGISTER_ADDRESS = "public ip" \
        -e GAME_NAME="My Docker Reforger Server" \

If an admin password is not provided, one will be generated and printed to the console.


Check the Dockerfile, more docs will come later.


By default the configs are generated from the ENV variables in the dockerfile. After the first run the file can be expanded with additional options manually, but the fields will always be overwritten by the ENV variables.

Alternatively, change the ARMA_CONFIG variable to a file present in the Configs volume. It will be used without modification.


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